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a dog is standing in the grass next to a fence and some horses are grazing
An entry from Emilialua
the dog is laying down in the yard
animals: cottagecore edition!!
an image of a forest setting with steps leading up to the gates and mossy ground
Beautiful World 023
Tokyo Japan, Tokyo, Aesthetic Japan, Japan Aesthetic, Japan Landscape, Japanese Garden, Scenery
Mi Novio coreano Pervertido
a white and black gate in front of trees with pink flowers on it's sides
@w.vv.vv: Last post of the year. Happy New year guys. …
an old building in the middle of some mountains
an old building in the middle of a lush green valley
Wulong Karst HDR 武隆
a small pond in the middle of a lush green park
Joan on X
a lake surrounded by trees with a building in the background
The lake at Stourhead
the sun shines through the trees onto a path that leads to a grassy field
dreamy morning light at an Italian villa
a giant chess set up in the middle of a park with stone steps leading to it
an outdoor area with stone steps and green hills in the distance, surrounded by greenery
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