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Love quote

I know I miss you a lot. I'm scared you don't feel the same as me. But as selfish as it is. I wouldn't know how to act if you found someone else. I will just miss you best friend

You know you're a bad parent when you resort to hitting your child....fucking losers

Not spanking kids lands most of them in jail. So spank away parents do not spare the rod these days.

I like this and yet I don't.  We parents do need to have some grace when our children are in bad moods,  and remember they have bad days too,  but we also need to teach them how to control their emotions, not let their emotions control them.   Otherwise, we will have a child that has no self control.  And yes, we as parents need to be the example.    Easier said than done,  I know!  I will be working at it till the day I die, with GODS help!

I agree children need discipline but people get so judgmental and mad when a three year old is having a bad day. Your kids weren't perfect and neither are any one else's! So stop judging a parents parenting based off a one time meeting.