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Kierkegaard, a forefather of existentialism, believed man lived and passed through 'spheres of existence', each more meaningful than the last: the Aesthetic (life of pleasures), the Universal (life in society) and the highest Religious. To reach the last, we must suspend reason, and embrace the passion of faith.

Depicting the major ideas of the major philosophers, in a minimal way.

Do it or don't do it - You will regret both. ~ Soren Kierkegaard - Wow, now that's optimistic :)

This quote can relate to how Meursault is feeling throughout the book, because he doesn't care what happens to him or the people around him.

I experienced the MOST BRUTAL heartless and horrific breakup imaginable. His cruelty was staggering - I was engaged to a monster; in the end, I couldn't even recognize him.

how to forget

"how to become a ghost and forget who you were before: a self help book" amen. I've always been incredibly uncomfortable with self-help books and speakers and things.