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an aerial view of a children's play area
100 architects, REX ZOU · PEGASUS TRAIL
people are sitting on benches in the middle of a courtyard with red metal structures and green grass
These Awesome Installations Are Turning Beirut Souks Into An Urban Hangout
several people climbing up the side of a wall with colorful rocks on it and red carpet
Bouldering Deltaplantsoen Den Haag -
an aerial view of a wooden walkway with plants growing on the sides and trees in the background
Field of Dreams: Die Stadtlandschaft wird grüner
an overhead view of several people sitting at a table surrounded by plants
A Not Sad Desk Lunch on Another Level
people are playing on a yellow structure in the park
Five of the best installations to see at this year's Clerkenwell Design Week
a person laying in a hammock suspended between two red structures on the ground
'mi casa, your casa' is a playful urban installation for the time of social distancing