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Love this image of a seeker presenting his list of questions or wishes to a kind of swami/genie/avatar. Would love to know who did this - it's great.

Chubby man delivers mail to the gods after Jesus decided emails were a sin. He lives modestly in an apartment on a floating island city,

Dead leaf mantis (Deroplatys truncata) but really, he should be a member of Seal…

The Dead Leaf Mantis, Deroplatys Truncata, is a common name given to various species of Praying Mantis that mimic dead leaves. It is most often used in reference to species within genus Deroplatys because of their popularity as exotic pets.

Gongylus gongylodes Violin Mantis

Gongylus gongylodes Violin Mantis maestro, music please!



roxy, Ez Livin - Fingerless Gloves, WALNUT (tnt0)

Scarves for women: the complete Roxy scarf collection