Peles Castle

Known as one of the most beautiful castles in Europe, Peles Castle can be discovered in the majestic Carpathian Mountains, near the town of Sinaia, Romania. There are 168 rooms in the castle.

Bran Castle - Dracula's Castle

(Dracula’s Castle)Bran Castle is the castle located at the Borgo Pass like in Stoker's novel Dracula,and for this reason is often called Dracula's Castle. Vlad lll did visit it once.

Transfagarasan road: "The most amazing road we have ever seen", Top Gear

Transfagarasan, Romania: Transfagarasan is internationally recognized for its natural beauty. Located in the Carpathian Mountains, between Moldoveanu and Negoiu, this route offers to the travelers a spectacular scenery on the slopes.

Retezat Mountains - Bucura Lake

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Bucegi Sphinx

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Locuri din România unice în Europa I

Merry Cemetery from Săpânţa, Maramures

Merry Cemetery from Săpânţa, Maramures

Palatul Parlamentului, Bucuresti

Palatul Parlamentului, Bucuresti

Balea Lake,  Fagaras Mountains

Balea Lake, Fagaras Mountains

Transalpina -

Transalpina -