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Minty Smashed Peas on Toast
four cucumber - avocado sushi rolls on a plate
Raw Vegan Sushi {Grain-Free & Paleo Avocado Cucumber Rolls} - The Blender Girl
several sandwiches with different toppings on them sitting in paper wrappers next to each other
ultimate rainbow veggie sandwich - Scaling Back
This ultimate rainbow veggie sandwich is loaded with fresh veggies and topped off with a garlicky basil almond ricotta. Delicious!
two knives are being used to cut green leafy leaves in a pan with water
What the Hell is a Phytochemical? + The Perfect Gluten Free Tortilla Solution
Simmer for 30 seconds or so.
two wraps filled with vegetables on top of each other
The Best Collard Wraps with Quinoa & Veggies
Veggie + Quinoa Collard Wraps - healthy, vegan lunch that will fill you up
a person is spooning dressing from lettuce leaves on a white platter
Rainbow "Raw-maine" Taco Boats
AMAZING Raw Romaine Taco Boats! 15 minutes, no cooking required, SO healthy! #vegan #glutenfree #recipe #plantbased #healthy #minimalistbaker
a wooden bowl filled with different types of sushi and cucumber slices on top of each other
Health & Balance
Health & Balance
a white plate topped with carrots and nuts next to a silver fork on top of a wooden table
Moroccan Carrot & Quinoa Salad
Moroccan Carrot & Quinoa Salad
people are eating food from plates on the table
Collard Green Wraps
Weekday meals are a constant struggle-- you want to make something that is relatively healthy but quick and easy. Well, collard green wraps to the rescue!
two bowls filled with different types of food on top of a gray surface next to another bowl
Raw Cashew Mango Cabbage Wraps
raw vegan rainbow tacos with thai lime dressing on a tray next to a bowl of dipping sauce
Raw Vegan Rainbow Tacos - 5 Minute No-Cook Dinner! - Key To My Lime
These raw vegan tacos were SO GOOD and SO EASY! Definitely adding these to our no cook meal rotation. Using two romaine lettuce leaves to hold the filling made a big difference and the dressing was so easy and delicious. #raw #rawvegan #plantbased #tacos #lettucewraps | keytomylime.com
raw vegan collar wraps on a plate with the wrapper cut open and ready to be eaten
Raw Vegan Recipes - Collard Wraps {Gluten Free, Paleo}
raw tacos, vegan and gluten - free salad on a plate
Raw tacos with walnut filling
These vibrant raw tacos use walnuts for the taco meat. They pop with flavor. Serve them on romaine lettuce leaves in lieu of a tortilla. Ready in less than 15 minutes. Vegan & gluten free. #vegan #mexican #raw #tacos #easy