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The Sketchbook Project Needs Help After Its Collection Grows to 55,000 Globally Submitted Books

Fifteen years ago, Steven Peterman launched The Sketchbook Project, an ongoing initiative that gathers sketchbooks filled with artwork and stories from people around the globe. It has since grown into the Brooklyn Art Library, and today, that collection boasts approximately 55,000 submissions. In th

Posed Women Rendered in Vibrant Gradients by Hanna Lee Joshi Embody Loss and Acceptance

Twisting into subtle backbends or hunching into a cross-legged crouch, the faceless women that find themselves at the center of Hanna Lee Joshi’s practice all personify an aspect of the artist herself. Conveyed through vibrant gradients in gouache and colored pencil, the figures shown here are compa

Interlocking Cable Ties Form Undulating Water and Biomorphic Sculptures by Sui Park

Artist Sui Park (previously) zips together simple nylon cable ties to create sprawling biomorphic sculptures and site-specific installations that resemble heaving nighttime seas, prickly moss, and vibrant amorphous creatures. Park, who was born in Seoul and currently lives in New York, started hand-

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A Visit to Wangechi Mutu’s Nairobi Studio Explores Her Profound Ties to Nature and the Feminine

Kenyan-American artist Wangechi Mutu made history in 2019 when her four bronze sculptures became the first ever to occupy the niches of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s facade. Stretching nearly seven feet, the seated quartet evokes images of heavily adorned African queens and intervenes in the othe

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Take a Swing Around ‘Par Excellence Redux,’ a Mini-Golf Course of Playable Artworks

Now open at the Elmhurst Art Museum is Par Excellence Redux, a miniature golf course featuring a widely varied collection of playable artworks. Curated by Colossal’s founder and editor-in-chief Christopher Jobson as part of an open call, the two-part course pays homage to the wildly popular Par Exce

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Vivid Botanicals Bloom from the Coats of Charismatic Cats in Watercolor Works by Hiroki Takeda

Japan-based artist Hiroki Takeda adds a dose of whimsy to his otherwise faithful portrayals of friendly felines. Largely rendered in shades of pink and purple with intermittent splashes of blues and greens, Takeda's watercolor works blend flora and fauna into affectionate cats and kittens caught lou

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Expressive Portraits Made as Scrap-Metal Mosaics Question Societal Notions of Value

At the heart of Matt Small’s practice is the idea that "there’s always potential within everything." The British artist gravitates toward an overarching theme of disregard in both subject matter and material, choosing oxidized hunks of iron, bits of patinaed copper, and crinkled aluminum strips that

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'Fantastic Landscapes' Surveys the Vivid Use of Color in Hokusai and Hiroshige's Woodblock Prints

An exhibition opening this weekend at the Art Institute of Chicago plunges into the vast archives of renowned Japanese ukiyo-e artists Katsushika Hokusai (previously) and Utagawa Hiroshige (previously). Fantastic Landscapes brings together the vivid scenes created by the prolific printmakers through

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Unruly Metals and Barbs Repair Broken Porcelain Dinnerware by Glen Taylor

Ohio-based artist Glen Taylor (previously) mends porcelain dinnerware with brutal bits of metal and soldering that starkly contrast their smooth, delicate counterparts. Lengths of rusted barbed wire bind two halves of a teacup, sharp spikes border a saucer painted with flowers, and mangled silverwar

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An Eclectic Group Exhibition Brings Together Contemporary Interpretations of the Archetypal Vessel

A group exhibition at Hashimoto Contemporary in San Francisco offers a new perspective on the enduring legacy of the vessel as both standalone object and motif. Spanning ceramic vases, oil-based works on canvas, and sculptures made of paper pulp, the show explores the myriad ways the ubiquitous cont

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July 2021 Opportunities: Open Calls, Residencies, and Grants for Artists

Every month, Colossal shares a selection of opportunities for artists and designers, including open calls, grants, fellowships, and residencies. If you'd like to list an opportunity here, please get in touch at hello@colossal.art. You can also join our monthly Opportunities Newsletter. Open

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An Eclectic Show Features Sound Sculptures, Collages, and Toy Assemblages for the BBA Artist Prize

A broad, varied collection of work from 20 emerging artists converges in a group exhibition for the sixth-annual BBA Artist Prize. Living in ten countries and working across mediums, this year's finalists include Steve Parker’s touch-activated horn sculptures, Fiona White’s vivid collaged paintings,

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An Annual Exhibition Features Over 1,000 Illustrated Coasters at Nucleus Portland

Each year Nucleus Portland tasks hundreds of artists with creating original works on a miniature canvas usually reserved for dewy beverages. Salut! harnesses the friendly camaraderie associated with the word and gathers more than 1,000 coasters illustrated in an expansive variety of styles, includin

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Thinkspace Presents ‘Cluster Fudge': A New Body of Paintings and Articulated Figures by Reen Barrera

Candid, passionate, and uninhibited, Ohlala is the character at the center of Reen Barrera’s practice. The recurring figure functions as a vessel for the artist's own experiences and emotions, which culminate in portraits rendered in acrylic, oil, aerosol and wooden figurines that stand a few

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June 2021 Opportunities: Open Calls, Residencies, and Grants for Artists

Every month, Colossal shares a selection of opportunities for artists and designers, including open calls, grants, fellowships, and residencies. If you'd like to list an opportunity here, please get in touch at hello@colossal.art. You can also join our monthly Opportunities Newsletter. Open

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Enchanting Scenes Combine Multiple Precisely Carved Woodblocks into Full-Color Prints

Valerie Lueth, who's behind the Pittsburgh-based Tugboat Printshop (previously), continues to cultivate dreamy scenarios painstakingly printed with intricately carved woodblocks. Her recent creations include a distant truss bridge peeking through vegetation, a whimsically intertwined pair of trees—n