Alex Turner. Arctic Monkeys. @Aliceson Waller ... I think I may love him!!!

Alex Turner from the Arctic Monkeys hnnng

Alex Turner - Arctic Monkeys (again. because let's face it, this board could always use a bit more Alex Turner.

r u mine // arctic monkeys satisfaction feels like a distant memory, and I can't help my self, all I wanna hear you say is "R U mine?"

This song is from the Arctic Monkeys called, "R U Mine". The Arctic Monkeys is a indie rock band. Indie rock is typically chill and gives off a calming vibe.


The Arctic Monkeys are an indie rock band that where formed in the band is made up of 4 members,Alex Turner , Jamie Cook, Matt Helders and Nick O'Malley.

Arctic Monkeys! I can't believe I get to see them live (nope, that's not me, just repining)

Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys) // Austin TX // April 2012 © Pooneh Ghana (you're the coolest)