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a cat wearing sunglasses and a t - shirt standing in front of a window with blinds
georgenotfound cat
a young man standing on top of a bed wearing headphones and a black sweatshirt
an axolot fish in its tank with the caption ranbo
an anime character holding a cell phone in front of a computer screen with the text, `
wilbur soot wallpaper!
the cake is made to look like a black bear with white and red on it
a man with a bald head has a blue arrow on his forehead
a person holding a sign that says, so i don't forget who i am
wilbur soot
an image of a cartoon character with text that reads, what do you mean to gonna cry?
J 🕸 on Twitter
toby o_O on Twitter: "stop waiting for the notification... wilbur soot is not gonna go live." / Twitter
a young boy sitting in front of a computer monitor with the caption i can't pog through the pain
Tubbo on Twitter
(2) Tubbo on Twitter: "Shroud just whomegalul'ed me, going dark" / Twitter
Wilbur soot meme Youtube
Angry wilby
a man with his eyes closed and the words i love swearing so much above him
tommy loves swearing
a young man wearing an apron standing in front of a kitchen counter with the caption i am uncommpt tubo
British Boys, I Have No Friends
꧁w i l b u r꧂