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How to DIY Towel Swan thumb

<input+class="jpibfi"+type="hidden"+>Here+is+a+creative+way to+make+a+swan from+a+hand+towel!+Make+one+today+to+delight+yourself+or+your+kids.+It+will+also+make+a+nice+decoration+for+your+bed.+Decorating+the+swan+with+a+pair+of+sunglasses+makes+it&hellip;

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Instructions for making a boo boo bunny! (Or bunny to hold a treat for Easter like she suggests) I loved using the boo boo bunny when I was a kid :)

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Glow in the Dark Bubbles - Growing a Jeweled Rose

Glow in the Dark Bubbles----Great for sensory play, art activities, and more! We began by concocting an easy to make glowing bubble solution. This glowing bubble recipe is super simple, and you only need two ingredients.