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Tiny House with Moving Walls - part 3 I'm saving this to remind me that, ONE DAY, having a tiny home built for a home office/studio would be a great option. And those moving wall backdrops would be GREAT separators for this! Make the most of the space by hanging all the samples on the moving walls for the office, but be able to roll it all out of the way to open up the studio. Genius!

As promised, for part 3 of this design study I've left the world of tiny houses for a moment to explore the cavernous expanses of a sprawling 512 square foot space. After drawing tiny houses, 512

Afternoon Drive: Two-Wheeled Freedom Machines (29 Photos) (5)

Erwin "Cannonball" Baker made Indian Motorcycles a sensation.Baker set down a skein of long-distance riding records, among them a 1914 jaunt across America (from San Diego to New York) in a record