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We were influenced by the many lush tropical gardens in our coastal neighbourhood and overseas, too, she says. Tropical plants are also amazingly hardy. It also helps that Bilgola is full of red volcanic soil so everything grows really well!

8 ways to make a small garden look big

For my little patio! Take Advantage of Texture Big, bold tropical plants create a lush feel. Their large leaves can change the scale of a small space to help it feel larger. (Plus, many tropical plants are super cool!

GREEN FOREST. I would love to have a porch on my cabin that looked out to this sight. Not sure I would ever leave the porch.

Just Breathe. Imagine walking in the forest. The many shades of green are so vivid, like the painting of a master artist. The landscape is lush and comforting. Exhale and feel the lightness of your soul.

Blue Dream by on @DeviantArt

Sort of a random doodle that I added to between all of the other stuff I've had piled up lately. The little girl traveled to this mystical blue dream wo.