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Pluto's moon, Charon's north pole. Image via New Horizons/NASA

Image via New Horizons/NASA

"Most landers only survive about an hour on Venus, if they survive at all."

Venus Surface (from Venera lander) - I don't feel like a lot of people know that we've been to the surface of Venus. We, as a human race.

Last panoramic from Curiosity Rover, on Mars.

Last panoramic from Curiosity Rover, on Mars. Just think about how long those rocks have been there, untouched, in the exact same spot for who knows how many years.

La quinta dimensión

Einstein said if you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself. And that sums up every person who’s ever talked about any kind of dimensions, string theory, and so on. They talk with contradictions and have explanations

The putative "Planet Nine" may have tilted the entire solar system, researchers say. computer simulations suggest that the tilt of the eight official planets can be explained by the gravitational influence of Planet Nine "over the 4.5-billion-years-ish lifetime of the solar system,"

Researchers say an anomaly in the orbits of distant Kuiper Belt objects points to the existence of an unknown planet orbiting the sun.