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Easy Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

Christmas time by Jean-Romain Roussel

conflictingheart: “quebec city’s petit champlain neighbourhood at christmas. estabilished in it is the oldest commerical district in north america. photos by (click pic) patrick langlois, jean.

The Old Farm Christmas Tree Place in Maine ; Gardenista

Shopper's Diary: A Christmas Tree Farm in Maine

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comfy star by herz-allerliebst~ I can always remember my grandmother having some basket of yarn. Always making blankets for her the grand babies. I will never forget when she sat me down and taught me how to knit.

HELLO HOLIDAY GUIDE 2015 by Leon's Furniture


HELLO HOLIDAY GUIDE 2015 A guide for your happy holiday home. Includes home decor, DIY, and recipe inspiration to make your home and holiday a happy one.