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a painting of a man with a heart on his chest
Cristina Troufa
Saatchi Art Artist Cristina Troufa; Painting, “Êxtase (ecstasy)” #art
a drawing of a woman sitting on the ground
Cristina Troufa
an eye is shown in the middle of a painting with multiple layers of paint on it
Powerful Palette Knife Paintings Capture Vulnerability of Men with Mental Health Issues
a piece of art that looks like someones face painted on the side of a wall
a painting of a mountain with snow and stars in the sky on a black background
Giant Brushstrokes Sweeps Across Canvases Revealing Exquisite Landscapes
an abstract painting is hanging on the wall
Abstract Art
an abstract painting hangs on the wall next to a radiator and two lamps
Hand Painted 3D Wall Decor Abstract Blossom Oil Painting, Living Room Wall Art Decor Unstretched
1. All paintings are hand-painted oil paintings after the order is placed, and the quality is guaranteed 2. Finish the painting within 1-3 days, FedEx will deliver it quickly within 3-7 days, an average of 7-20 days. 3. All use museum-grade high-quality canvas and paint 4. Amazon transactions, after-sales refunds are guaranteed 5. Our gallery has decades of operating experience, hundreds of painters of various styles, to meet all your wall decoration styles.
Bright abstract painting Illustrators, Abstract Expressionism, Abstract Styles, Abstract Expressionism Art, Find Art, Painting Wallpaper, Art Movement
Summer Rhythm - Action Art Jackson Pollock style abstract painting
An abstract painting which reminds me of the colour and rhythm of summer. A bright optimistic work in Jackson Pollock action art style. Full of expression these bright primary colours with contrasting darker tones remind me of summer storms, flowers, blue skies and dappled shade.
an orange and black abstract painting
Expressionism Jackson Pollock Jigsaw Puzzle by alina-boker
-An irresistible family activity, relaxing hobby, or gift for any puzzle aficionado -Choose from five sizes: 30 pieces, 110 pieces, 252 pieces, 500 pieces, or 1000 pieces -High-quality chipboard pieces with vibrant sublimated print -Packaged in a gift-ready metal box with the puzzle image on the lid -Recommended ages: 30 pieces for ages 4+, 110 pieces for ages 6+, 252 pieces for ages 8+, 500 pieces for ages 9+, and 1000 pieces for adults -WARNING: Choking Hazard—Small Parts. Not for children und
an abstract painting with black and yellow colors
Jackson Pollock "No. 20", 1949
Ideas, Decoration, Flores, Inspo, Mural
a piece of art that is on a easel in front of a black background
Giant Brushstrokes Sweeps Across Canvases Revealing Exquisite Landscapes