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a bed with pillows and a lamp on top of it
a bedroom with a bed, stools and other items on the floor in front of it
Is the checkerboard trend over? The designers re-inventing this classic pattern don't think so
a bedroom with a bed, lamp and pictures on the wall above it's headboard
Mayfair Apartment — Design & That Studio
Mayfair Apartment — Design & That Studio
a bed with white sheets and pillows under a wooden book shelf next to a window
Berthe, Paris — Studio BAHA
Berthe, Paris — Studio BAHA
a bedroom with a large painting above the bed
Classic with a Twist: Art Deco Bedroom Decor for Today's Home
a bedroom with an orange and green bed in the center, two stools on either side
a bed with a pink headboard and flowers in a white vase on the end table