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Coffee stall? Could make our own cups as part of the exhibitchinnnn' for promotion?

The Depot – Franklin St, Adelaide, Australia. Pop-Up Coffee -Could anything be more simple with chalkboard, crate and pallet design yet so inviting?

Pop-up ice cream stall at the Front Room of St Martins Lane Hotel in London. Designed by architects Elips Design and serves gelato from the UK company Dri Dri.

Floor ideas- Dri Dri Local Italian Gelato Pop-Up in London. Photo by: Carlo Carossio

a series of curious carts that house a fashion infused experiment. instead of booths, lets use carts! if concept fits

Mixology-A Fashion Fusion- by Gloss Creative with Fabio Ongarato Design, Melbourne GPO

Digital art selected for the Daily Inspiration #1955

Designing a Modern Fast Food Restaurant Brandon Agency was posed with a challenge: Design an innovative fast food restaurant of the future, complete from its corporate identity to its interior.