Ashley Mitchell

Ashley Mitchell

Ashley Mitchell
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By Sinduja @sinduja03 #JustR5Things.

By Sinduja I told my best friend this. she looked at me like I killed someone. and then started laughing.

it's true. #ThankYouOldLady #Auslly #AustinandAlly LOL only people who watch austin and ally will understand

Can we just take a moment to appreciate this lady cuz idk what i would be doing with my life if not for her

Austin and Ally arr simply meant to be, ADMIT IT GUYS

I think Ally wins the battle him saying he cant live without her pretty much rules out the others!

Auslly ♥

Ally and austin sitting in a tree KISSING first comes love then comes marriage then comes baby's in the baby carrige get the diper's get the pins oh my gosh they just had twins