Irinel Olteanu

Irinel Olteanu

Irinel Olteanu
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Coogee House in Sydney Featuring a Lovely Glass Roofed Pergola

Home & Apartment: Architecture Modern House Lovely Glass Roofed Pergola Tanner Kibble Denton Architects Coogee House Design: Coogee House in Sydney Featuring a Exquisite Glass-Roofed Pergola

Raised Garden Beds

Learn important steps in planning and preparing for a raised vegetable garden bed, such as size, spacing, and building materials. See some different ways to create a raised garden bed. A raised bed vegetable garden is a garden which is built on top.

Alternative Gardning: A simple, inexpensive, and attractive solution to mulching around trees and over garden beds

Use pine cones as a natural mulch to keep dogs, cats & other digging animals out of garden beds. I'm not sure if this would work or if the dogs will just play with the pine cones!

Get Your Tomatoes off to a Perfect Start    Enjoy your best crop of tomatoes yet with these 10 tips to get your tomato plants off to a strong start.

Plant Deeply Tomato plants form roots all the way along their stems, so you can give your plants an extra-strong root system (especially the tall, leggy ones) by planting them on their sides.