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a white candle is sitting on top of a black box with some paper balls around it
there is a white cake with gold decorations on top and black wire around the edges
Торт в винтажном стиле с бантиками
an arrangement of white flowers in a square vase on a table with long hair hanging from it's sides
Florist from kyiv @attepmt
two black bows tied to each other on top of a white card with the word annus written in cursive writing
Le Tesserae: Romantic Wedding Venue in Houston, Texas
a white table topped with a cake and candles next to wine glasses on top of it
Winter, Event, On Instagram, Reception, Inredning, On September, Wedding Mood
source ~ @frecklesnur @nordicknots | Instagram
the table is set with silverware and green satin ribbons on it, along with candles