Minimalistic tattoo by Gno.

blue yellow pink red birds fly flying ankle foot heel color colorful watercolor tattoos tattoo tat tats idea ideas inspiration ink small tiny minimalist Minimalistic tattoo by Gno.

Book Tattoo Design by Leitor Nervoso

40+ Amazing Book Tattoos for Literary Lovers

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Keep the branches exactly as they are, ut, instead of the butterfly wing, make that side a cluster of monarchs flying with some landed on the branch stretched out. Also, shading it so that it pops out and making it more realistic looking.

Star gazing tattoo ❤️

Star gazing tattoo ❤️ i always see this and think its a skeleton hand coming over a cliff or something so i read the caption and remember. so if i got this tat id make it a skeleton hand instead -high mo

@ozpirincci keyifle taşı #planettattoo #minimaltattoo…

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Watercolor triangle tattoo by Banul

63 Fabulous Feminine Tattoo Design Ideas

Flower Hummingbird Watercolor by Sarah Voyer Art

Tropical Hummingbird Print 8" x 10"