Venice, Italy

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The Spanish Steps, Rome

The Spanish Steps, Rome (by (All things Europe)

Mountain Valley, Norway

Mountain Valley, Norway (apparently) Wow. Could be Innerdalen (the supposed most beautiful valley ever in Norway)

Hvar, Croatia - one of the top 10 most attractive beaches in the world

Top 10 Most Attractive Beaches For 2017

Tiber river, Rome, Italy

A picture of the Tiber River, which Romulus and Remus floated upon as infants due to their uncle Amulius. He did not want to be contested for the throne of Alba Longa, so he tried to kill the twins.

Frozen Venice, Italy

Italy ~ Venice ~ Frozen (This picture is a HOAX; it's a photo of frozen Lake Baikal superimposed over the Grand Canal in Venice. There are actual photos online of ice on the canals of Venice.