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an ornate gold clock hanging on the wall in front of a blue wallpapered background
Handheld crosses Ethiopia 18th-20th century Brass silver wood
the crucifix is painted with gold and red
Crocifisso di Fucecchio - Wikipedia
Crocifisso di Fucecchio
an ornate wooden cross with pictures on it
Ethiopia, its Art and Icons
coptic cross
the cross is made out of stone and has an image of jesus on it's back
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Крест – хранитель всея вселенныя...
the letter g is made out of concrete and it appears to be carved into a wall
Lettering Gallery
Close up on G
a hand holding a carved wooden plaque depicting jesus and three other people in the center
a carved wooden crucifix on the ground
two wooden crosses sitting on top of some rocks
MadeHeart | Buy handmade goods Inlaid Pectoral Cross
Inlaid Pectoral Cross -- Insider's special review you can't miss. Read more : Wall Crosses
the entrance to an amusement park with cars going through it
Jurassic Park Coloring Pages will Take your Child Back to Prehistoric Times
an intricately carved white crucifix with the image of jesus on it
Ода Ирине Зарон
an image of jesus crucifixion with two children
Plaque with the Crucifixion (y1942-60)
an intricately carved relief depicting the crucifixion with jesus and mary
Understanding the Icons of Holy Week
Understanding the Icons of Holy Week – Orthodox Arts Journal
an old wooden plaque with two men in front of a green wall and one man holding the arm of another man
toga picta | Fashion History Timeline
toga picta | Fashion History Timeline