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Jooheon and his lips

Image about monsta x in 💕 jooheon 💕 by beautiful

“can we please just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful our Namjoon is”

lq bts » yoongi

Jungkook loves his Daddies, Namjoon and Jin. Just a fluffy BTS little space book Namjinkook being the main ship, featuring side ships Yoonmin and Taeseok.

Aww Chim Chim

Sorry for just being pictures of JIMIN and BTS.But I am the moment I am obsessed with Jimin.When I lower my obsession a little I will save images of anime and in My sexy boys, etc.

Maybe it's just me, but the dog looks terrified! Like maybe he reached over to pet it too quickly, and now it's like "Woah, what the shit?