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butterflies and flowers are arranged on the glass plate for art work, or as part of an artwork project
HandmadeArtStoreLK on Etsy
some black and white plates with designs on them
another painted cd's
a cd with yellow flowers on it sitting on a white surface, next to a pair of scissors
HandmadeArtStoreLK on Etsy
some pink and white paper cut outs are on the floor next to each other,
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a hand holding a blue disc with yellow flowers and butterflies flying around it on a sunny day
Acrylic painting cd
a bunch of different colored discs sitting on top of a white board with black and white designs
painted cds
a person holding up a pink disc with power lines painted on it and the sky in the background
Painting on cd
a person holding up a glass object with blue flames on it in front of some trees
a hand holding two discs with oranges and lemons on them, in the dirt
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