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Nightmare by WoofyDragoncat68 on DeviantArt. Personally, if I had to pick a fave Warriors villain, it would definitely be Mapleshade!

Nightmare by on DeviantArt. This was a very sad turning point for Mapleshade. When her kits died and no one cared about her sorrow she just snapped, just like any mother would! That's when she became vengeful and evil.

So. Many. Prophesies. So, I just recently read Goosefeather's Curse and was inspired to make this piece - Goosepaw's first visit to the moonstone I don't know, I just feel bad for the guy - a...

Another precious bab ; Whitestorm was one of my all time favorites characters, such a pure heart he had. He would have made an amazing leader if he ever became one Anyways, I always imagined him .

Warriors Designs by on @DeviantArt

Even though this is so old, and out of season in my opinion (i read all warriors books in series including a vision of shadows) i still think the picture is awesome putting most of the main characters in what The New prophecy?

Evolution Of Firestar by AMBcatbone on DeviantArt

From a soft kittypet to a noble leader in one series. While patient brambleclaw had to wait Firestar sure did earn trust fast for being a very 'unwanted' member by a lot of cats