Irina Mitric
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Camaro ZL1

Do you dream of having a pimped-out ride? Spend your clinical trials payment on some sweet mods for your wheels!

Camaro with green headlights + underglow

im in heaven now this thing is bad with neon green lighting on the bottom with custom butterflie doors and etc. id love to drive this chevy camaro!

Delorean Delorean 500GB hard drive in stainless... | The Khooll

Delorean hard drive in stainless steel, from Flash Rods. Delorean Time Machine not only is a scale replica of that awesome time machine, but also is a working hard drive.

Thème scientifique pour une jeune fille.  Science themed cake for a girl.

Science themed cake for a young girl, beaker and test tube are plastic, everything else is edible, edible paper glued on fondant and candies