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11 August last year I was sitting on the canals of Amsterdam taking this picture. It was the best of holidays roaming around Prague and Amsterdam with the most amazing people, those kind that make you want to standstill and breathe in the happiness. I had just found out I will have a second niece and in that moment, holding my friend’s hand, on Amsterdam’s canals life stood still and one second became infinity. Today my second niece was born and all I wish for her is to have the strength to…

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Bicycle ride on the canals in Bruges - priceless

View from Vysehrad, Prague

View form Vysehrad Gardens, Prague

Is it Gala or is it Abraham Lincoln? Right next to the place where Spain ends and France is about to begin there is a place called Figueres. Why is Figueres special you might ask? Well the small Catalonian town is the birthplace of Salvador Dal� and houses the Teatre-Museu Gala Salvador Dal�, a large museum designed by Dal� himself.

Chilling time -

Time to relax and think at nothing at all - just enjoy and breathe in the air of holiday

Concert time -

Chocolate and banana waffles -