Irina Nadia Rogojinschi

Irina Nadia Rogojinschi

Irina Nadia Rogojinschi
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Nancy Medina Art

Still Life Artists International: Ginger Jar Lilies and the Ghost of Windswept Manor - Nancy Medina Art Classes and Videos

Robert Krogle ♥ Wonderful! #dance

A ᗩᖇƬ of the ӇЄᗩᖇƬ.💗 Robert Krogle This is a subtle truth. Whatever You are looking for, can only be found inside of YOᘮ.

By Carol Cavalaris

Blue Poppies In Poppy vase By Carol Cavalaris Poppies My, oh my As fresh as a summer sky And oh so blue How you make me smile When I see you. Blue Poppies prose by Carol Cavalaris ©

carol cavalaris

Flirting So Sweetly By Carol Cavalaris Hummingbird With a spirit that flies so free Kissing every flower Flirting so sweetly with me Spreading beauty and love So joyfully. Prose by Carol Cavalaris © 0

Raindrops On Lavender Roses by ~ Carol Cavalaris

Raindrops On Lavender Roses By Carol Cavalaris Raindrops on Lavender roses Tender tears From above Shed for the beauty And wonder of love. Raindrops On Lavender Roses prose by Carol Cavalaris ©