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a red mushroom sitting on top of a lush green forest
Hygrocybe miniata
a small orange mushroom sitting on top of a mossy surface
Rhodotus palmatus. A gorgeous and completely unique mushroom...such a thick stem on this particular one! Beautiful
a close up of a small mushroom on the ground
a group of white mushrooms growing on the side of a rock
Radically Diverse Australian Fungi Photographed by Steve Axford — Colossal
Our favorite fungi photographer, Steve Axford, returns from the Australian woods with spectacular new shots of mushrooms, many of which me may have documented for the very first time. See more on Colossal.
some very pretty mushrooms growing on the side of a tree
Mushrooms. Photographed by Steve Axfordby
a group of mushrooms growing on the side of a rock
NATURE is the greatest artist!
Inspiration from nature.. [ Mushrooms on bamboo pole / jspkt2005 ] #Unique_Design
a close up of a plant on the ground
Calostoma insignis
Octopus Fungi - Calostoma insignis (Tentacles and all!)
three yellow mushrooms sitting on the ground
rhamphotheca: Orange Pore Fungus (Favolaschia calocera) … is a species of fungus in the Mycenaceae family. First observed in Madagascar, it...
two mushrooms growing on the side of a tree
Honey Fungus (Armillaria Solidipes, formerly Armillaria Ostoyae) ~ By Han Schutten
an orange mushroom growing on the side of a tree
Flickriver: Photoset 'Polypores et Corticiacés' by Renée Lebeuf
Fungus Laetiporus sulphureus - © Renée Lebeuf. One of the most amazing displays I've seen of this delicious edible fungi
a red and yellow mushroom sitting in the grass
The Magic Faraway Tree
a close up of a mushroom on the ground with grass and twigs in the background
Morchella elata
morchella elata-there is nothing more fun than finding one of these hiding in the woods! I'm addicted to hunting morels!
a close up of a purple mushroom on the ground
Lepista sordida - 3636
Lepista sordida ~ By José Luis Porto Torres
two mushrooms with white dots on them sitting in the grass
Photography Contest 2011 - North American Mycological Association
Lactarius substriatus, by Erin Page Blanchard
a green and yellow mushroom sitting in the grass
Leotia viscosa02026 | | Dianna Smith
Leotia Viscosa (common name, Chicken Lips) Fr. Fruit body 3-9cm high, a club-shaped head with a long stalk. Head 2-3cm high, 0.5-lcm wide, convex with a convoluted, inrolled margin; olive-green to dark green. Stem 20-40 x 5-l0mm; white, yellow, or orange with green dots or particles. Spores spindle-shaped with rounded ends, often slightly curved, Habitat scattered or in groups or clusters on soil or rotten wood. Found in Europe and North America. Season July-October. Edibility not known.