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omg jinxx😂😍

But nobody can top Gerard Way, so yes, Jinxx can be sass princess

#AndyBVB #BVBarmy

I dont really listen to bvb that much anymore but i admire andy so much and what he and the rest of the band have done for their fans. Their all really amazing people

Band merch

The way me and my bf met was me wearing a BVB band tee and he said "I love that band! and that was 4 months ago. BAND MERCH IS A GREAT MATING CALL xD<<<< awww this comment makes me happy

you got a problem with my music? Guess what?  I don't care. (:

This is exactly me! I blast my music in the lunch room at school, and people look at me like, "Are you even human? why do you listen to emo stuff?" and Im there, just like, "Have you got an issue?

BVB army unite

Not all BVB fans are emo.Liking a certain band or doing something doesn't always make you emo

That's how it would be if I ever saw him and then just tell his name in uncontrollable fangirling. XD @emily93731

That's how it would be if I ever saw him and then just yell his name in uncontrollable fangirl mode

I think this made me laugh a little harder than it should have. omg lol

That is one talented Baby.oh gosh now im thinking if Big Hero song from Big Hero 6 is Immortals, not Centuries