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French designer Yelken Octuri (he also makes Airbus cabins) decided to take us back in time with a bit of old school Wright Brothers influence on his latest concept yacht. And while most of the crazier designs on this list will never enter into the actual production phase, Octuri’s has already had some offers.

Yelken Octuri decided to take us back in with some old school Wright Brothers influence, his flying

Contest 36.jpg 890×370 pixels

Contest 36.jpg 890×370 pixels

Whale boat plan, 1950

My Boat Plans - My Boat Plans - Whale boat plan, 1950 - 518 Illustrated, Step-By-Step Boat Plans - Master Boat Builder with 31 Years of Experience Finally Releases Archive Of 518 Illustrated, Step-By-Step Boat Plans

ARK Solar Yacht on Industrial Design Served

This concept combines house and a boat. The whole surface of the boat is covered with solar panels. Excess electrical energy can either charge the boat batteries or be directed in to the grid.