Une photographie pleine de mélancolie.

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Laughed way too hard. So me right now lol

Like it's is nearly and I'm still in bed bc I can't drag myself out from under that heavy feeling and face the day. So I lay here feeling guilty that I'm not more than I am.


How is that the definition of a diamond? Anyways, I hope you mean yourself cause I only belong to my own ass.

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WRITING PROMPT - "I didn't need a name, I didn't want one. The people gave me this name, because I worked in shadow, I use the darkness, my power dwells within it. It is here where my strength lies.

-Broken heart

Sad depressed little girl her wings have been cliped and her heart has been chiped but still puts a smile on her lovely face for at least the face she wants to be a lovely face.

Always end the day with positive thoughts, because no matter how hard things were . Tomorrow is a new day.

Schöne Zitate, http://www.gofeminin.de/liebe/album1203600/schone-zitate-0.html

The best things in life are not the ones you get for money - Einstein

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