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Flor marcador @ Afshan Shahid -- oh my gosh! these are the most charming bookmarks!

Need great suggestions about crafts? Go to this fantastic website!

Crochet Rose Flower In Bloom Free Pattern: Crochet Rose Flower Pattern for Beginners, Rose with Edging, Colorful Rose Crochet Ideas

DIY: gehäkelter Kirschblütenbaum // crochet cherry blossom tree via

DIY: Kirschblüten häkeln von Mollie Makes

Crochet Mini Motif 100- Japanese Crochet Craft Book

Crochet Mini Motif- Japanese Crochet Craft Book (Apple Mint Language: Japanese Pages: 80 Condition: New Patterns: 100 adorabl.

Crochet Applique Poppy Flowers and Leaves Set by CraftsbySigita

Crochet Applique Poppy Flowers and Leaves Set door CraftsbySigita

Hand Crochet Braided Natural Linen from CraftsbySigita on Etsy

Crochet Christmas Ornament, Holiday Decoration Snowflake White Flower Applique - Set of 3 URL to etsy failed

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