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three white roses with green leaves in the background
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pink roses are blooming in the garden
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Young Lycidas
some pink flowers with green leaves and water droplets on them, in the middle of a garden
Розы Остина 2013
'Sophy’s’ Rose | Shrub. English Rose Collection. Austin 1997 | @ Oliver
two purple roses with green leaves in the background
Gardening 101: Roses - Gardenista
a bouquet of pink flowers sitting on top of a table
Wedding and Event Roses - David Austin Wedding and Event Roses
CHARITY - David Austin Luxury Cut Roses
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Flowers my Inspiration
some white roses are blooming in the garden together and green leaves on the stems
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some red flowers are in a brown frame
15 Roses to Try This Spring
'Heathcliff' (Old Rose Hybrid) Bold crimson roses are always popular, although they’re not easy to develop, according to the David Austin website. English Roses. The plants grow approx 3 ½’ tall by 3’ wide, with shiny, deep green foliage. unusual perfume that combines a Tea Rose scent with the fragrance of Old Roses; there’s an undertone of earthy, dry cedar. The fully doubled flowers open to a rosette shape.