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Ionescu Nicola

Ionescu Nicola
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"We have absolutely no defenses in place to counter this threat. If the perpetrators had activated a mere order of magnitude more phones we would have lost the internet."

Freedom Fighters of America: Ongoing Threat To The Whole Internet - John McAfee: 'As Serious As It Gets - Absolutely No Defenses In Place'

Double Tap if you know where you can find all these things! (Hint: The answer is inside you! ) You are never alone. Here @HowMental The Mental Movement our mission is to help you take care of the most important part of your body: The Mind. Follow @HowMental Now: Scroll-Stopping Pics Every Beautiful Day!

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A poster done for International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. Scream loud and scare off the addiction Let your scream be heard!

Scream loud and scare off the addiction Let your scream be heard! International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

Although I prefer to share better news, sometimes I allow myself to tell some of the bad stuff that also happen in life, because I can't pretend that all days are nice and perfect, besides, it's a good occasion to remember something, we're never truly alone, when we're burn out by all the difficulties and setbacks, no matter how sad it feel, in these moments it's important to know that we always have dear ones willing to help us. They may not exist in greater numbers, but they are there…

I just finished reading my book. If any of you have read the book Legend by Mari Lu and the next book prodigy well IM HAVING A NERVOUS BREAK DOWN!


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Please understand that suicide is not so much about wanting to die but to end the pain! It is an act of utter desperation! Too scared to live, but too scared to die! you don't exactly want to die, all you know is that you dont want to live .