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Beautiful! I don't see enough of the Inheritance Cycle on here!

Saphira, Thorn, Glaedr and Firnen. No Shruikan though - the stone dragon eye things - use as design! From the Inheritance series

City of Bones : The Mortal Instruments...My one geeky weakness is, I <3 books;)

Who's getting ruined for tattoos? I'm so trying to pick and can't :/ deff fearless and iratze (heal) but I love the angelic rune and strength so so many I want!

The Downworlders: Magnus Bane (Godfrey Gao), Luke Garroway-Lucian Graymark (Aidan Turner), Simon Lewis (Robert Sheehan).

The Downworlders: Magnus Bane, Luke Garroway, Simon Lewis. >> gotta watch this: The Mortal Instruments (I've read the first 4 books but the was so annoying I gave up)