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depression grabs hold, never lets go, is always with you, holding you back..

( be the girl) i was kidnapped a week ago. I was chained up and was in a white night gown. The kidnapper comes in the room. He sits in front of me with a sly smirk on his face. He slides his hand up my dress and rubs my inner thigh.

What happened when you told Mono about being pregnant?

Oh my glob Cake stop saying crazy stuff I'm 11 years old your messing me up you will be a awesome Mom.

Cake, are you still afraid of Marshall Lee? -part 2

Cake, are you still afraid of Marshall Lee? -part hic tibi proderit olim~ lainierenae💘_kaloneunoia😋💞💕 cruz💍💎💎💋

'When he woke just before eleven, it was clear he had tried to escape during his slumber—his ankles and wrists were rubbed raw, causing Finn to exclaim.' This pic - Manga/art, hands, chain.

So sweet ! Boombayah is their first released song. I always listen to it happily. ♥️ Si chou ! Boombayah est leur première chanson. Je l'écoute toujours joyeusement. ♥️

I think this black pink This was so much fun to color and sketch omg the skirts SURE were challenging but it was really fun ALSO Jennie's outfit is all I want in life tbh~ hope you guys like it