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“Palm Trees in the Snow” (aka “Palmeras En La Nieve): My favorite lines: Killian (Played by Mario Casas): “What is that song about? The one you were singing by the river.” Bisila (Played by Berta Vázquez): “About springs that emerge from the earth unexpectedly to become rivers. About streams that split to rejoin again. About the sea that, in the end, welcomes us all. It talks about life’s path. About destiny. Killian: “Why were you crying, then?” Basila: “Well...Because I couldn’t choose…

Palm Trees in the Snow movie wikipedia: Kilian is a young man who has never left the mountains of Huesca which saw him grow up. In 1953 he will travel to the exotic island of Fernando Poo to work in a cacao field alongside his father and .