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a drawing of a person holding a baby in their arms
Mom of Boys Svg, Newborn Digital Backdrop, Family Line Art, Mom Life Svg, Mama Svg, Newborn Gift, Mothers Day Svg, Сustom Line Art - Etsy Canada
a line drawing of a woman's face with her eyes closed and nose covered
Elegant One Line Sketches
I really like these exquisite #illustrations. To convey feelings just a few lines are enough. Several #lines which described a huge #story. I hope you will appreciate this #amazing #collection of 10 #elegant #oneline #illustrations made with #love. It perfectly suits your #social networks, #logos, #book cover, #wall art, #card, etc.
a painting hanging on the wall with a plant drawn on it's back side
Embroidered Painting
Using a painted canvas, poke holes in your canvas and then use emboidery thread to create your image!