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Lady Olenna Tyrell and Lady Violet Crawley -- Game of Thrones / Downton Abbey crossover

To Me Ma'am, You Are Every Inch A Queen. Game of thrones Daenerys Targaryen gif Emilia Clarke

I like how she has grown from the naive girl into a dignified lady; she always lead her people bravely & justly.she gives mercy & compassion, but she also dispenses justice for order.

I'm going to break the wheel by on @DeviantArt

I'm going to break the wheel - Daenerys << ok, i get it's a powerful line and everything, but i don't think Dany understands how to monarchy xD

Amazing fall nail colors

This color is Kiko - 365 tattoo rose. It's, of course, not currently being sold. I've seen a lot of posts that say that Essi angora cardi is similar, but that color seems darker to me.