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14 Simple and Stunning Tattoos That You Won't Regret in 20 Years via Brit + Co.

This tattoo was inspired by alchemy- it is the elemental alchemy symbol for copper and also the planetary symbol for Venus. As such, this symbol embodies such characteristics as love, balance, feminine beauty, and artistic creativity.

Yes, and you should NEVER give him a second chance to do it to you again!

One day he will realize he lost a diamond while playing with worthless stones.and by then it's too late.I don't take second place or will be treated as a second thought


Oh yes, I can count the people who really get to know me on one hand.

Medical Alphabet

Yep, I fear that poor handwriting may well be a characteristic integrated in the genome of doctors, so this typeface would be usefull for them. Source: Typeface designed for doctors (Today I Learned.

math still sucks

I love math so much. When I was younger, just for kicks, I'd often do stupid problems (such as this) just to see what number I'd get. Yes, I was THAT KID who did math just for fun.