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two people talking to each other in front of a boat with the caption you are so annoying
When Rose Dewitt Bukater tries to insult it turns out like this!
Typical bro, always with the bantz. | The Definitive Ranking Of The Most So-Bad-It's-Good Dialogue In “Titanic”
a person with blue eyes hiding under a plaid blanket and looking at the camera text reads, in the scene where rose is in the lifeboat on the sea
Titanic Confessions
Titanic Confessions
Leonardo Dicaprio
Leo and Kate on set of Titanic (1997)
a couple kissing in front of an audience with the words make it count meet me at the clock
Titanic Movie Quotes, Sayings, Images & Best Lines
Titanic Movie Quotes
two people laying in bed with the caption'i can't imagine monsieur monnet blashing he does landscapes '
a young man with his eyes closed next to a drawing
two men with their faces close together and the words you're a good liar almost as good as you
Titanic | =)))) Book Lovers, Funny Quotes, Titanic Funny, Fun Quotes Funny, Really Funny Joke
Titanic | =))))
some people with different expressions and words on them
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Titanic. "I promise."
two people in the dark one is kissing and the other is looking at him with his eyes closed
She should've had a baby boy and called it Jack, his middle name could've been Dawson.
the movie scene is very funny and it looks like they're going to die
Senza titolo
Ah Leonardo! You stole our hearts.
two people talking to each other in front of a shelf with text that reads, when i
To Feed or Not To Feed
I always love this exchange...mainly because his claim is so inaccurate in real life. Also, because Lake Wissota didn't exist yet in 1912.
two people talking to each other in front of a building with the words, what made you think you could put your hands on my france?
I have seen this movie SO many times. How did I not realize this?