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quite like this simple half heart tattoo - could be a cool thing to close with your wedding date

infinity tattoo

"And in that moment I swear we were infinite" Perks of Being a Wallflower quote so would hold a lot of meaning for me as it is a favorite book of mine. I love that it's written in the infinity symbol too. I love this

Realistic feathers tattoos on arm

Light feather tattoo - I like the "lightness" of it - but I don't want a tattoo

Stars tattoo

Behind the ear and neck tattoos are gorgeous. Although, generally I think neck tattoos are basically saying, "this person works after 9 pm.


Her tattoo includes all the letters of her family members, it is in a way the happiness equation for her. -If I did something like this I'd have 9 letters for everyone's name in my family.

Thats so nice, love it!

Dandelion Bird tattoos are full of varied meanings. Even being simple and sober in design, the Dandelion Bird tattoos are believed to relate fulfillment of desires and wishes coming true.

I'm newly obsessed with the idea of a forearm tattoo. Something simple, maybe script.

i want tattos like demi's but that wouldn't look to good when you're trying to look professional in your future carrer. demi lovato's tattoos

There are times, Demi Lovato admits in a revealing MTV documentary, when she doesn’t think she’s going to beat her addictions. “There’s days where you’re going to struggle,” she says in “Demi Lovato: Stay Strong,” airing Tuesday at 10 p.

MTV Style | Demi Lovato Reveals New Tattoo By Kat Von D

Demi Lovato Reveals New Tattoo By Kat Von D