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a painting of people swimming in the ocean
The Lion Illustrated Bible for Children
Christina Balit, The Lion Illustrated Bible for Children
an illustration of a man standing in front of clouds
The Lion Illustrated Bible for Children
an ornate gold and blue painting with the words, on it's border is a depiction
15A Noah's Ark and the arrival of the dove
an icon depicting the birth of jesus
Icon of the Mother of God in a burning bush, prophet Moses and veneration of the snake. The area below gives the text of the Ten Commandments.
watercolor painting of mountains in the sky with clouds above them and bread below it
Mount Sinai- Har Sinai
Har Sinai, Mount Sinai, where the Israelites heard G-d, and Moses ascended to see Him in the mountain and receive His holy commandments.
an image of a painting on the side of a mountain with flames coming out of it
Knowing the Knowledge that Transforms - Glory to God For All Things
“If only I had known…” These are, not infrequently, the words of an apology. They are also an explanation of why we are sometimes the way we are. Ignorance is, in the mind of the Fathers, a major cause of sin. Of course, if sin is understood in a legal/forensic framework, then ignorance would be nothing more than a form of innocence. Not knowing is excusable in most cases. But the teaching…
a painting on the side of a wall with an image of people in red and gold
Detail of a page; historiated initial-word panel of the Receiving the Law with Moses streching his hands for the tablets and Aaron (shown as a Christian bishop) and the Israelites (divided according to sex) waiting at the foot of the mountain, at the beginning of a liturgical poem for the first day of Shavuot (Davidson vol. 1, no. 484). Origin: Germany, S. (area of Lake Constance)
an old book with pictures of people and symbols on the page, in which one is holding a cross
ÖNB Digital
69r, Moses on Mount Sinai, Mosi's shining face
an ornate painting on the side of a building
Moses on Mount Sinai 1181 NICOLAS OF VERDUN