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His Master's Voice

Dog Looking at and Listening to a Phonograph (Original) Artist: Francis Barraud, 1898 Media: Oil on canvas, x The original painting by Francis Barraud displayed an Edison-Bell Phonograph as the featured talking machine

Limestone Statue of Tawaret Ancient Egypt, Ptolemaic (305-30 BC) The pregnant hippopotamus goddess responsible for fertility and the protection of women during childbirth. Sometimes referred to as...

Limestone Cat Statue Ancient Egypt, Dynasty BC Brown limestone seated cat (Bastet), with a smaller cat seated in the front, on a base with hieroglyphs. The earliest Egyptian depiction.

Фаянс - Кошка - Садигх-Галерея - 459x577

sadighgallery: “ Faience Cat Ancient Egypt - Dynasty Vivid blue faience cat seated on a base and wearing a collar Sacred animal to the sun god Ra and Bastet. The earliest Egyptian depiction of the cat took the form of three hieroglyph symbols,.

Falcon topped box from Ptolemaic Period of Egypt.

ancientpeoples: “ Falcon-Topped Box with Feather Bundle Ptolemaic Egypt, B. Said to be from Middle Egypt, Asyut (Lykopolis) The elaborately decorated box features a falcon statuette on top.