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Ioana Yoanna
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RED: Miraculous: Earrings Kwami: Ladybug BLACK: Miraculous: Ring Kwami: Black Cat ORANGE: Miraculous: Necklace Kwami: Fox PINK: Miraculous: Brooch Kwami: Butterfly YELLOW: Miraculous: Hair Comb Kwa...

Read Capítulo 3 (Primera parte) from the story Prodigiosa: Las Aventuras De Ladybug Y Chat Noir (Temporada *Completa* by TheDreamyLadybug (💕Lorena💕) with.

(Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir) Marinette and Tikki

Original fanart: {Peach Tickle Whats} “You are more than just a kwami to me.

Chat Noir, ladybug, and miraculous ladybug image

Chat Noir, ladybug, and miraculous ladybug look at them my children touching there arms and looking at each other