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Marturie nunta și botez
Marturii pentru nunta si botez
Glob din sticla personalizat
some white balls are tied with a red ribbon and sitting in front of christmas decorations
Lumanare Craciun
Mărturie botez tip lumânare
Marturie pentru botez in forma de urs din ceara de soia cu parfum floral.
wedding favors are sitting on a white tablecloth
Mărturie parfumata pentru nunta sau botez
Mărturie nunta pentru toamna
Maeturie pentru botez lumanare cu parfum floral Safari, Floral, Leo
two small figurines sitting next to each other on a blue cloth covered surface
a small clear box with some candies in it on a white cloth covered surface
Mărturie botez
three clear boxes with pink and white flowers in them on a table next to some ribbons
Mărturii botez pentru fetițe
Marturii de botez tip lumanare din soia si cu un parfum floral intens 🎀
a small yellow teddy bear sitting next to some baby's breath flowers and a blue ribbon
Mărturie Botez Lumanare
many blue ribbons and badges are on display
Mărturii botez - baby shower baby boy
a plate with a gift tied to it sitting on a table next to wine glasses and silverware
Mărturii nunta