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a man in a tie holding a pizza on a wooden platter with toppings
Unique Passed Appetizers Guaranteed to Elevate Your Cocktail Hour
Unique Passed Appetizers Guaranteed to Elevate Your Cocktail Hour
the food is being displayed on the table for people to eat it and have their pictures taken
a fire is burning in a fireplace with words written on the front and back sides
a half eaten piece of cake being held in someone's hand with chocolate and candy on top
Alexandra on Instagram: "#thanksgivingdessert #pumpkinpie #thanksgivingrecipes #christmasrecipes #christmasbaking #christmastreatideas"
a salad with peaches, cheese and lettuce on it is shown in close up
Liliya | Foodblog | Rezepte on Instagram: "❤️ Bruschetta mit Pfirsich🍑🥰 Zutaten: Brot(Ciabatta, Baguette oder Ähnliches) 2-3 Pfirsiche Olivenöl Burrata (oder Frischkäse, Ricotta) Honig Frischer Basilikum Zubereitung: Pfirsich entkernen und schneiden. Mit etwas Olivenöl von beiden Seiten anbraten. Brot von beiden Seiten mit etwas Olivenöl anbraten. Oben darauf Burrata(oder Frischkäse, Ricotta) und die Pfirsiche verteilen. Mit Honig süßen und gehacktem frischen Basilikum dekorieren. Schon ist d
mini sandwiches with pickles and cheese on them are ready to be served at a party
50 Most DELICIOUS Cold Appetizers for Your Party (2024 Top Picks)
Spring Pea Bruschetta Crostini with Burrata
15min · 6 servings Combine the following ingredients in a food processor until well combined. Adding in additional olive oil if necessary. • 1 cup of frozen peas (blanched for 60 seconds) • 1/2 cup of shredded parmesan • 3 tbsp olive oil • 1 tbsp fresh lemon juice • 1 tbsp Spice Islands snipped chives • 1 tbsp Spice Islands Garlic powder or minced garlic • 1/4 tsp Spice Islands onion salt • Spice Islands Pepper to taste • Spice Islands Crushed red pepper (optional if you like spice) • 2-3 fresh basil leaves Once combined, add the pea bruschetta mixture to a warm toasted baguette and top with creamy Burrata, lemon zest and more snipped chives. Enjoy! 🍋
some strawberries are in a white bowl on a marble counter
Julie / Blogger / Tennessee on Instagram: "I saw this hack for melting chocolate on IG recently, and I forgot to save it! I don’t know who it was that first thought of this, but it is a super great idea for quick and easy chocolate strawberries for Valentines or anytime!! Keep them in the fridge to harden the chocolate. Can’t go wrong with @hersheys ♥️ Have you tried it yet?? Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!! #recipehack #valentinechocolate #chocolatecoveredstrawberries🍫🍓 #easychocolaterecipe #
toasted bread topped with sliced apples and almonds
Tábua de frios on Instagram: "⚠️Aprenda a fazer Tábuas de frios irresistíveis 😱 ACESSE O LINK DA BIO @tabuas.defrios Inspiração linda e deliciosa feita por @fo4m #tabuasdefrios #diadosnamorados #rendaextra #rendaextraemcasa #rendaextraonline #empreendedorismofeminino #empreendedorismo #família #familia #romance #independenciafinanceira"
a blue plate with food on it and some garnishes in the middle
Sepia on Instagram: "Introducing our new cheese course —Tête de Moine with cashew financier, apricot chutney & dill. Made on a wood cheese curler creating a delicate flower-like structure."
a person is stirring some food in a pot with the words how to make chili crisp
David Kuo on Instagram: "Coming soon to @fattymartla 🤫👀 Known for its smoky flavor, chili crisp can be used over tofu, noodles, xiao long bao, and so much more! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s tofu recipe where you’ll see the chili crisp in action! We can’t wait for you to try this one out. 🔥 • • • #losangeleseats #taiwanesefood #laeats #losangelesfood #losangelesfoodie #lafood #lafoodies #larestaurants #losangelesrestaurants #cheftalk #cookingtips #foodtips #chilicrisp #chilioil"
someone is pouring something into a clay bowl
Hispanic Kitchen on Instagram: "Check out this delicious Roasted Salsa recipe from @freddsters 🌶️🔥 #mexicanfood #mexican #recipe #cooking #reels #food #videooftheday #latinfood #hispanickitchen"